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Convention Highlights

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Bird Clubs of Virginia 15th Annual Bird Convention
Richmond, Virginia -- March,1999

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The National Capital Bird Club was in charge of the raffle table at this years convention.   Some of the great prizes raffled off were a camcorder with a copy of the movie "Paulie", a VCR with a copy of the movie "Paulie", a set of the Sally Blanchard's Parrot Behavioral tapes, and many different types of bird supplies were also raffled such as food, toys, and treats.
Dr. Branson Ritchie, DVM was at this years convention discussing some of the resent research being done on PDD.  He also talked about the importance of the Polyoma virus vaccine and Psittacosis.  His lectures were very informative to all.

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Valerie Wixen (on the right), kicked of the Grey PoopOn Challenge at this years convention.  This fundraiser will run from march 27th to August 31st. All proceed go to helping find a cure for PDD (Proventricular Dilitation Disease)
Alicia McWatters,Ph.D. certified nutrtional consultant, discussed healthy ways to feed your birds.

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Alicia McWatters Ph.D., Sam Foster, Layne Dicker, and Branson Ritchie, DVM
(from left to right)
(from left to right)
Dr. Susan Club DVM, Alicia McWatters Ph.D., Sam Foster, Layne Dicker, Dr. Branson Ritchie DVM, Janice Rothe

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Bobbie Brinker, signing copies of her new book "For the Love of Greys"

Bird behaviorist, Layne Dicker also has a new book out called "Parrots, Parrot, Parrots", at the convention Layne donated $5 out of every book sale to Dr. Branson Ritchie to help fund his research on PDD. Both Layne and Bobbi's books are very good and highly recommended (personal opinion, of course!!)


Dr. Branson Ritchie, DVM is involved in promotion and research of avian diseases at the University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine at Athens, GA  Branson lectured on several avian diseases such as PDD, Polyomavirus, and psittacosis.

Dr. Susan Clubb, DVM is an internationally respected avian and reptile veterinarian.  She consults to zoos both in the United States and Abroad.  Susan discussed psittacine Handrearing problems, Causes and Solutions.

Layne Dicker is the staff Avian Behaviorist at Wilshire Animal Hospital in Santa Monica, California, as well as being a private avian behavior and care consultant to individuals, aviaries, rescue organizations and zoological parks. At the convention, Layne discussed Avian Behavior Myths and Parrot Conservation Efforts. 

Sam Foster is a full time Avian Consultant, specializing in cockatoo care and behavior.  Sam had a very informative two part lecture on Cockatoo behavior.

Alicia McWatters, Ph.D. is a certified nutritional consultant. Alicia discussed ways to strengthen your birds immune system through natural methods and how to feed your bird natural,whole, and organic foods.

Janice Rothe held a workshop on making bird toys and also discussed toy safety.

The Convention was a lot of fun and very informative, so mark your calendar for next years BCV convention at Westpark Tysons Hotel in Mclean Virginia, on April 1-2!!

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