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Parrot Quiz

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Think your hot stuff when it comes to Parrot trivia?  Maybe some of these questions from Rosemary Low's book, Parrot Quiz Book No. 1, will humble you!


Standard Quiz Number One:
1.  The number of Parrot species can never be decided definitively because taxonomists vary in their opinions.  Is the number nearest to:  A)250; B)350; C)400?
2.  Which is the most numerous African psittacine in aviculture.?
3.  Which is the smallest parrot?
4. How long do cockatiel chicks spend in the nest before fledging?
5.  The budgerigar is the only parrot in Australia which is found in very large nomadic flocks.  True or False?
6.  Can Eclectus be sexed in the nest?
7.  Name the smallest species of Macaw.
8.  Lesser Sulfur-crested Cockatoos can be sexed by the eye color.  True or False?
9.  In which of the following species do the young normally stay in the nest for seven weeks or more? A)Purple-Crowned Lorikeet; B) Blue-Fronted Amazon; C) Bourke's Parakeet; D) Blue and Gold Macaw
10.  Are Hawk-Headed Parrots sexually dimorphic?

Answers: 1) B;  2) Peach-Faced Lovebird;  3) Pygmy Parrots;  4) On average, 4-1/2 weeks;
5) False; 6) Yes; 7) Hahn's Macaw; 8) True; 9) B & D; 10) No


Standard Quiz Number Two:
1. From which country do yellow-fronted and Red-fronted Kakarikis originate?
2. In which of the following species are clutches of eight eggs not unusual? A) Pennant's Parakeet; B) Princess of Wales Parakeet; C) Brown's Parakeet?
3. Which are the largest of the blue Macaws?
4. Which of the following are sexually dimorphic? A) Grey Parrot; B) Cape; C) Jardine's; D) Red-bellied Parrot?
5. Amazon parrots are found only in south America. True or False?
6. Which genes of neotropical parrots (South and Central America) contains the smallest species?

Answers: 1) New Zealand; 2) A; 3) Hyacinth; 4) B & D;
5) False, they also occur in Central America and on various Caribbean Islands;
6) The Forpus parrotlets