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Clubs and Organizations

National Organizations

The national aviculture organization in Canada. They also provide legislative and CITES work

American Budgerigar Society
Also known as budgie and commonly as the parakeet

American Cockatiel Society
An up and coming organization for tiels.

American Federation of Aviculture
They watch over legislation concerning aviculture and help educate about keeping and breeding birds in captivity.

First Internet Bird Club
All bird owners should check out this new bird club, meet a lot of fun people with the same interest as you. Online bird shows, online newsletters, and much more.

National Cockatiel Society
The oldest and largest of the cockatiel organizations

National Organization for the American Singer Canary
Well established group dedicated to the canary.

North American Cockatiel Society
The only cockatiel society dedicated to pet cockatiel owners.

North American Parrot Society
Sponsors parrot shows and offer traceable leg bands to members.

Parrot Society of Australia
Lots of information on all types of birds (not just those from down under, mate).

Society of Parrot Breeders and Exhibitors
For those who breed and show any type of parrot.

World Parrot Trust
1,000's of members in 65 countries support survival of parrot species in the wild.

Local Clubs

Aviary & Cage Bird Society of South Florida
A local group that is giving back to the community in a big way.

Baltimore Bird Fanciers
Located in Baltimore, they sponsor an annual bird mart.

Maryland All-Canary Club
Located in Maryland, they are dedicated to the advancement of canaryculture.

Maryland American Singer Club of Today
Located in Maryland, they are dedicated to the careful breeding of the American Singer Canary for the improvement of song.

Maryland Cage Bird Society
Located in Maryland, they have a bird mart in June each year.

Tropical Bird Fanciers
A local club in Lake Havasu, Arizona (which is also famous as the new home of the London Bridge).

York Area Pet Bird Club
This is a local club in the York, PA area.  This club sponsors an "adopt-a-bird" program