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At What Cost Breeding Birds
This site explains some of the cost involved in bird breeding, it's not cheap.

Breeding for the Pet Industry
Is there any money in turning pro? Here is a business plan complete with a financial model.

Breeding Parrots
Everything you need to know about setting up parrots for breeding.

Breeding the Quaker Parrot
Quakers are different from other parrots in that they build communal nests. Learn how this is handled in captivity.

Causes of Egg Binding
Egg binding can be a very serious situation in our breeding birds, here is an explanation of the causes how to treat it.

Cockatiel Breeding Basics
You will find some basic information on breeding cockatiels.

Coping with Infertility
Some causes of infertility.

Model Aviary Program
MAP certified facilities have subscribed to a stringent set of guidelines for managing their business and caring for their birds.

Parrot Egg Development
Discover how an egg develops and the path it takes to become a chick.

Pictures of Candled Eggs
Are they fertile or not? See how to candle your birds eggs.

The Female Bird Reproductive System
Explains the female reproductive system, laying an egg isn't an easy thing to do.

The Hatching
See a baby Cockatoo hatch.

The Hatching 2
See a baby Macaw hatch.

The Male Bird Reproductive System
Explains how the male reproductive system works in birds