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Amazon Chat
Join other Amazon enthusiast in discussions on all aspects of Amazon ownership.

Ask the Experts
Bird experts available to answer your questions on all topics.

Bird Chatter
General bird discussion.

Budgie Chat
Budgerigar, budgie, or what most think of as a parakeet.

Caique Chat
Rhymes with "dike", These birds are gaining popularity in the US.

Conure Chat
Made famous by the movie, "Paulie".

Eclectus Chat
Whether it's Solomon Islands or Aruensis, you'll find plenty to talk about these colorful birds.

Grey Matter
Timneh's and Congo's are the topic of this cerebral following.

Lovebird Chat
We are parrots, too!

Macaw Connection
An active list for these majestic creatures.

NCS Tiel Talk
A very active list for discussing cockatiels.

Parrotlet Chat
For discussing the smallest of parrots.

Pionus Chat
Not much of a talker, but their owners make up for it here.

Quaker Chat
Also known as the Monk Parakeet.

Tiel Town
Another active chat on cockatiels

'Too Ville
Where U2 has nothing to do with the band - Cockatoos discussed here.