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First Bird - Getting Started

Caring for Your New Bird
A "How-to" everything about your new bird.

Characteristic Chart
A great chart that compares the various birds based on such things as friendliness, talking ability, noise level, and more.

Choosing a Bird
A great list of questions you should ask yourself (and answer honestly) before you buy a bird.

New Bird Exam
After the thrill of writing the check, next comes the check-up. Here's what's involved.

New Bird Information
Check out the ten tips to keep your bird safe list!

Selecting a Bird
Important points to ponder - You think birds are inexpensive? Thought they could just sit in a cage all day? Read this!

So, You Think You Want a Bird...
Another site to read before you take the plunge. Make sure you are ready for the responsibility.

Tips on a New Bird Cage
What you need to look for when purchasing a new cage.