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Hand-Raising Babies

Abundance Weaning
Discusses the importance of abundance weaning for your birds well-being.

Bountiful Weaning
Another name for "abundance weaning", explains how your weaning technique can affect your birds personality development.

Crop Stasis and Vomiting in Young Birds
Explanation of this serious problem that can occur when hand-feeding babies.

Dangers of Hand-Feeding
A list and description of things that can go wrong during hand-feeding.

Flight Feather Trimming
Definition of a "proper cut" and also explains how to towel a bird.

Hand-Feeding Parrots
Explains the dangers of buying an unweaned baby.

Hand-Raising Parrots
Information on hand-raising such as brooder temperatures, formula temperatures, etc.

Psittacine Pediatrics
Discusses the importance of good hygiene in the nursery and also the different types of feeding methods.