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Interesting Reading


For the Love of Greys
This is a wonderful book dedicated to the care of African Greys, by Bobbi Brinker.

Wingers Publishing
Large publisher of avian medical books.


Bird Talk
A must read for the bird owners, and even for those just considering a bird.

Bird Times
You can receive a free trial issue of this magazine before making the decision to get a subscription.

Pet Bird Report

The bird owners bible. Chock full of behavioral and care-related articles.

World of Birds
Contains information on all types of birds.

Online Publications

Bird Breeder Online
Ezine for captive breeding of exotic birds.

Bird Life Online
Lots of articles on bird care, also a bulletin board and classifieds.

Online Book of Parrots
Not so much a pet owners guide, but more a work on the genera and species of parrots.

The Quaker's Nest
Ezine for those interested in the Quaker (or monk) parakeet.

Winged Wisdom
Ezine that's been around since mid-96, has many articles archived for review.