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This is a listing of videos owned by the club, and which members can borrow. To arrange for a video, email your request. The video will be brought to the next club meeting. Videos borrowed are due back by the following club meeting

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Title Publication Date Focus Copies Publisher Author First Author Last Bird Type
Carribbean Cool 0   1 National Audobon Society      
Cockatiels: Beyond the Basics 0 General 1 Avian Images Diane Morrison Cockatiel
Hanna Seimering, D.V.M., speaking to NCBC 0   1   Brian Miller  
Parrots: Look Who's Talking 1995   1 Nature Video Library      
Professional Advice for Happy, Healthy Birds 1989   1 Maier Group Michael, Dr. Fox  
Teach Your Parrot Beginning Tricks: Video II 1994 Training 1 Robar Productions Tani Robar All
The Popular Amazons 1986 General 1 Eagles Nest Video David A. Baker Amazon

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Last Updated on 3/1/99
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