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Membership Form

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If you would like to become a member of our club fill out the form below, print it  and send it with your dues to the address below.


Name   Date


City State Zip

Phone   Email Address

Would You Like to be published in the roster?     Yes     No

Membership Type:  Individual Family

Amount enclosed $  New  Renewal

If family membership, names of other family members:

Types of birds you own:

Are you a :  Pet owner   breeder other

List any other societies, clubs or bird magazines you subscribe to:

List the topics you would like to see covered by speakers or articles:

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Individual membership $12.50

Family membership $18.00

(If you are joining after June, your annual dues are one-half the above amounts for that year.)

Mail your check, made payable to NCBC:

609 Alma St., SE

Vienna, VA 22180-4804

Meetings are normally held the first Sunday of the month at the:

McLean Government Center

14537 Balls Hill Rd

McLean, VA

WELCOME to the National Capital Bird Club! We are a group that loves exotic birds and gathers together for FRIENDSHIP FELLOWSHIP and FUN! The purpose of our club is to stimulate and encourage interest in exotic birds, and to promote the proper care, feeding and housing of our fascinating, feathered friends; whether they be pets or breeders in cages or in aviaries, we enjoy the camaraderie of like-minded bird enthusiasts We also promote and support avian research and education of the conservation and breeding of exotic birds and their native habitats.

Our club normally meets on the first Sunday of every month (call to confirm date), we feature speakers refreshments and plenty of interesting conversation. Our speakers lecture on interesting topics ranging from the tiniest of finches to the largest of macaws, and other topics such as nutrition, pet behavior, cage selection, bird toys, hand-feeding and breeding. Some of our speakers are nationally known and recognized experts in their fields; others are locally known and recognized. We publish a monthly newsletter that contains items of general interest to the bird lover and information pertaining to upcoming events.

The National Capital Bird Club is a member of the American Federation of Aviculture (AFA), the Bird Clubs of Virginia (BCV), and the Bird Clubs of America (BCA). This means that our club members receive avicultural information from experts at the local, state and national levels.

We would be pleased to have you attend our next meeting for further information, directions or to confirm the meeting schedule. Please call Wayne Porter at (703) 751-5717. See you there!

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If you have any questions please e-mail us