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BIRD.gif (16908 bytes)Come and Join the Fun!!!

NCBC Needs You To Do Some

Spring Cleaning!!!

May 23rd NCBC Picnic & Auction

Starts at Noon

Almost all of us have some new or used bird-related items that lie
around in our homes unused, taking up valuable space. Don't let them
go to waste--donate them to our Fund-Raising Auction!!

You may also Donate:

Choice Household Items
Birdsitting Services
Housecleaning Services
Baked Goods
Anything else that's sure to draw a bid

Here's what you do:
Collect your items and fill out a form for each item you are donating to the auction. Here is a copy of the form. Bring your auction items, completed forms, and spending money with you to the auction, You need not be a NCBC member to bid at the auction!! NO auctioning of live animals!!

Directions to the Auction:

Fort Ward Park in Alexandria

From Interstate 395 exit on Seminary Road East. Travel east about 3/4mile.

The Alexandria Hospital will be on your right. Turn left on Howard Street;

there is a traffic light at the hospital. Travel about 1/2 mile to the end

of Howard. Turn right on Braddock Road. Enter the park by turning left

about 100 yards from Howard. Park in the lot on the right. We are in Area

8. You can see Area 8 from the parking lot and from Braddock Road.