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Rescue Centers & Sanctuaries

Bird Placement Program
They take birds from finches to macaws, from tame to wild. Birds are placed with able associates who can provide a caring and appropriate home.

Located in Redding, California, don't leave without checking out the MacawCam.

Mickaboo Cockatiel Rescue
Located in the San Francisco area, these folks run a foster care program for sick, injured, neglected, and unwanted birds until a permanent home can be found.

New England Exotic Bird Sanctuary Inc.
Another site that provides a home to an unwanted pet bird. They'll also take donations in the form of food and equipment to help care for the birds in their stead.

Parrot Education & Adoption Center
Started in San Diego, they have expanded to include Pittsburgh, PA. They have a membership program that gets you in free to their seminars.

Parrot Rehabilitation Society
Located in San Diego, they care for unwanted birds, provide rehabilitation for "problem" birds, and help place them within capable homes.

Providence House
They have adoption, rehab, and neighborhood outreach programs. Check out a few of the testimonials (but be sure to get the tissues ready).

The Gabriel Foundation
Located in Colorado, their goal is to educate people about exotic bird. Dedicated to rescuing abused and neglected birds and finding good homes for them.

The Oasis Sanctuary
In Scottsdale, Arizona. They serve as both a rescue and retirement center for all types of birds.

Tropics Exotic Bird Refuge
They take in unwanted and handicapped birds, and provide them a comfortable life.