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Bird Species

African Grey

Grey Matter
Meeting place for CAG/TAG owners. Very active message board. Check out the feature section about the webmaster.

Grey Parrot
Site contains good FAQ on African Greys.

Talking and Intelligence in African Greys
Is your Grey living up to the reputation?

You and Your Grey
The truths and myths of these intelligent birds.



Amazon FAQ
This site goes into the varied types of amazons and even price ranges.


Budgerigar Page
From Australia, the home of the budgie, comes a wealth of information.

This site has everything from the basic care to breeding and showing budgies.

Me & My Budgie
Over 300 pages of information on Budgies.


There's a good highlight section on health and nutrition.

Cockatiel Cabin
A good section on cockatiel genetics for those interested in breeding.

Elsie's Cockatiel Corner
Very nice pictures of all the different mutations of cockatiels.

Jerry's Cockatiel Page
You can follow week by week pictures of their baby cockatiels, a must see!

Love Tiels
Information on all aspects of cockatiel ownership.

The Perch
Information mostly on cockatiels but also some on parakeets. Includes a bird lover collection and a bird of the month contest.



Cockatoo Heaven
Covers the white, pink, and black cockatoos.



Eclectus Articles
Do they talk? What does tofu have to do with them? Check here to find out.



Feature articles, loads of pictures, and plenty of links.



Exclusively Lovebirds
Lots of links, information, and pictures of Lovebirds.

Lovebird FAQ
FAQ on caring, breeding, and sexing, with several book recommendations.



Those Majestic Macaws
Separate FAQ's for each of the mini, large, and hybrid macaw.

Macaws As Companions
Some good pointers on buying a macaw and preparing for its arrival.



Pionus Breeders Association
Good information on the different species of Pionus

Pionus Parrots
The information was prepared from the author's participation on a now defunct mail list. Good listing on care and feeding, as well as species-specific information.



QMS Resource Center
If you own a feather-plucking & self-mutilating Quaker this site may be helpful to you.

Quaker Parakeet Information Center
Home of The Quaker Parakeet Handbook.

Quaker Quarters
Loads of information on Quaker care.

Photo gallery, general information, and a section on Quakers in the wild - in the US.


Ringneck Parakeet

Home of the Ringneck Parakeet
Nice feature on variations and coloring.