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Winners of the NCBC
"Award of Excellence"

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"March 1999"
My Feathered Friends
Dave's Life Diversions
Cecilie's Homepage
Cosmo's Kingdom
My Feathered Friends
North American Cockatiel Society
My Cockatiel Page
Atlanta Cockatiel and Parrot Club
Smiley Aviary
Mynah's Web Page
Wild Macaws

"April 1999"
Rainforest Blvd.
Susannas Budgie's and Tiels

Tiel's Home Page
Parrots by Cindy

Nicky's Page
Breeders Blend & Majestic Cocka2s
Bird Placement Program
Pelles Papegojor
First Internet Bird Club
The Pirate's Parrot
Starbird Parrots
Rosi's Parrot Page

"May 1999"
Amazon Chat
All God's Critters
Brandenburg 4