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Club Information

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We are a group of exotic bird lovers who have gathered together for FRIENDSHIP, FELLOWSHIP, AND FUN! The purpose of our club is to stimulate and encourage interest in exotic birds and to promote the proper care, feeding, and housing of our fascinating, feathered friends. Whether they are pets or breeders, in cages or aviaries, we enjoy the camaraderie of like-minded bird enthusiasts. We also promote and support avian research and education for the conservation and breeding of exotic birds and their native habitats.

Our club normally meets on the first Sunday of each month (call to confirm date) at the McLean Governmental Center, 1437 Balls Hill Rd., McLean, VA. We feature speakers, refreshments, and plenty of interesting conversation. Our speakers lecture on interesting topics ranging from the tiniest of finches to the largest of macaws and other topics such as nutrition, pet behavior, best cage type, bird toys, hand-feeding, and avian breeding. Some of our speakers are nationally known and recognized experts in their fields; others are locally known and recognized. We publish a monthly newsletter, The Capital Flyer, that contains items of general interest to the bird lover and information pertaining to upcoming events.

National Capital Bird Club is a member of the American Federation of Aviculture (AFA), the Bird Clubs of Virginia (BCV), and the Bird Clubs of America (BCA). This means that our club members receive avicultural information from experts at the local, state, and national levels.

NCBC also has an Educational Outreach Program where club members volunteer to bring their birds to interested groups and facilities. The program is available free of charge, and includes the introduction of each bird, its background, and species information; anecdotes; question & answer period; and an opportunity to interact with the birds.

For more information about our club or directions to meetings, please call (703) 751-5717 .

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Tammy Ellison

Vice president

Tammy Newman


Elizabeth Moore


Lori Pikkaart